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0.9% Sodium Chloride
99.1% Purified Water

100% Aerosol Free
100% Butane Free
100% No Harmful Chemicals
100% No Hidden Nasties

Ingredients 0.9% sodium chloride, 99.1% purified water
Saline Solution Formulated with a gentle yet effective saline solution, promoting both healing and cleanliness.
Cooling Effect Experience a refreshing cooling effect upon application, soothing the pierced area.
Isotonic Formula Engineered to mirror the body's natural salinity, creating an environment conducive to rapid and efficient healing.
Precision Nozzle Equipped with a meticulously designed precision nozzle, enabling accurate and targeted application for thorough coverage.
Fine Mist Spray Fine mist spray mechanism ensures gentle application while delivering essential care.
Aerosol Free & Butane Free Crafted consciously without aerosols and butane, prioritising safety and environmental responsibility.
Hypoallergenic Formula Hypoallergenic by nature, catering to a all skin types, minimising possible allergic reactions.
Easy Application Designed for hassle-free application, making the aftercare process effortless.
Gentle Cleansing Offers gentle cleansing, nurturing the pierced area without causing any discomfort.
Quick Absorption Ensures swift absorption into the skin, facilitating optimal results.
Usage Instructions Clear and concise usage instructions provided for effective application.
UK Company Trust in a product developed by a distinguished UK-based company renowned for its commitment to excellence.
Water-Resistant Tamper-Proof Box Each unit is securely sealed within a tamper-proof, water-resistant box, ensuring authenticity and effectiveness.
Free from Harsh Chemicals Formulated without harsh chemicals, ensuring a nurturing and safe aftercare experience.
Generous Quantity Presented in a 70ml bottle, you receive an ample supply for extended use and ongoing care.
Portable and Travel-Friendly The conveniently sized bottle easily fits in your bag, making it perfect for on-the-go and travel use.
Pump Action Designed for ease of use, the pump action mechanism ensures effortless and controlled application.
Less Waste Non-pressurised bottle minimises waste, providing precisely the amount needed for each application.